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Welcome to Free From The Boss, my name is Tony and I want to share my dream with you. I work in retail at the moment and it is not the career I thought it would be. Stuck in the same old routine, doing the same old jobs and having to answer to the same old bosses. Sound familiar? I’m sure it does!

Well, I’ve got some news for you. It doesn’t have to be this way. That’s right, you can escape the monotony of getting up every day dreading having to walk into work. The 9-5 grind! The actual hours you work might be different but it amounts to the same thing! Working for someone else.

My dream is to be able to work from anywhere in the world at any time I want and I’m here to let you know that it isn’t just a dream. This can become a reality for anyone, if you really want it. Do you?

Do you want to be Free From The Boss?


I started out in retail over 20 years ago when the landscape was completely different. Companies were opening new shops everywhere, new companies were joining the High Street and Retail Parks. When every Saturday was rammed with people shopping and wanting to buy whatever we were selling. You literally could not move. Do you remember those days?

Time goes by though, far too quickly and 20 years down the line retail has changed. I realised some time ago that I was only really working to help earn someone else a wage and for what I was putting in I got very little back. Missed time with my family was the biggest loss but there were other things as well. I wanted to be free from the shackles of a job I hated, free from the boss.


Do you want to be tied down in a job you despise? Or do you want something more? I presume that you are looking for a better life, a better way to make money. That’s why you are here on this website. If you are ready to take the leap and start being your own boss, the keeper of your own time and the master of your own destiny, then look no further.

I created this website to help people get out of the rat race and start to find and do things that they enjoy. That’s right, you can earn money by doing something that you are passionate about. How can you do this?

Affiliate Marketing. That’s how. You need the right training and tools to make it work and of course you will need to put some of your own time and effort into it. I’m not going to sit here and tell you that you’re going to make a fortune overnight. That doesn’t happen unless you win the lottery!! It does take time, hard work and patience but if you are willing to do all that then I can help you achieve your goals and dreams.


The next step you need to take is to join an Affiliate Marketing Platform and I have just the thing for you right here. 

If you are serious about finding a way out then creating an online business is the right step for you. I can provide you with the tools to be successful in affiliate marketing. Are you committed to making a change? If you are then I am committed to helping you achieve it.

I started by using a platform called Wealthy Affiliate. It has taught me everything I know now and has been the backbone of my journey. If you really want to learn about affiliate marketing then this is the place for you. Click the link below to get started and I’ll see you on the inside!


I look forward to getting to know you

All the best


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