Hard Work Is The Key To Success – Isn’t it?


You’ve got to work hard to get anywhere in this life. True or False? I mean, how do you expect to earn a decent wage if you don’t put in the hours? Hard work is the only way to make a living. Honest, hard work that nearly breaks your back, crushes your soul and keeps you from doing the things you love. After all, Hard Work is the Key to Success, isn’t it?

What Is Hard Work?

Hard work can come in many shapes and forms, from manual labour such as building work to office jobs. How we perceive hard work is dependent on many factors. Someone can be working in an office 9-5 Monday – Friday and be absolutely drained by the end of the week, ready to drop drained. They have had a hard week, had to work hard to achieve their, or rather, their companies goals and deadlines.

We all think that our jobs are hard work, well, most of us do! Some of us think that our jobs are harder than others. There are definitely jobs out there that can be considered hard, such as;

  • Nurses
  • Paramedics
  • Police Officers
  • Fire Fighter
  • Soldier

These jobs are definitely hard work. They put themselves out there to help others, protect us, save us and they risk their lives on a daily basis for a pittance in wage. The average wage for a soldier, who could be fighting a war, running the risk of being killed every day, would earn on average £25,424 a year. Say WHAT?

Other hard jobs out there are;

  • Brick layers
  • Sanitation Workers
  • Oil Rig Worker
  • Miner
  • Construction Worker

I mean these are manually hard grafting jobs. There are many more ‘hard work’ jobs out there as in the physical sense but does this mean their job is harder than yours?


Is There Another Way?

It’s fine to have a job that takes hard work, physically and mentally. In fact, it is more than fine, you have to work if you want to pay the bills, go on holidays or have nice things. Most jobs are hard work and here in the UK we put in the most hours in Europe! According to a study by the TUC, Full-time employees in the UK worked an average of 42 hours a week. That’s three more than the average EU employee. Denmark has an average working week of 37 hours.

In Sweden, some companies have applied a six-hour working day. On the same salary as an eight-hour day!! This has led to much greater productivity, less sickness and higher profits for some companies.

Imagine working only six hours a day, or four, or even two. Imagine.

How is this possible though?

Having an online business is one such way to lower your working week while still earning full-time money. Using affiliate marketing and having your own website with its own specific niche. It really does work.

Imagine having a job where you get up, have a coffee (or tea, if that’s your morning poison) and write some content for your website. Add a link to an affiliate and watch the money roll in! Let me just mention before everyone starts saying “That’s impossible!” or “He’s a liar!” or everyone’s favourite “It’s a scam!”

It is possible, it can be done and it isn’t a scam. It will take some hard work and long hours at the beginning, while you get everything in place and start to build your business. But, eventually, things will settle down and if you can get to the stage where you are earning a full-time wage and you quit your day job then you can decide what hours you work.

Where can you make all of this happen?

Wealthy Affiliate! The No:1 Affiliate Training Platform

I have shopped around for affiliate programs and have almost wasted money on scams that promise that you will “Get Rich Quick!” Let me tell you, there is no such thing, unless you win the lottery.

What I did find was Wealthy Affiliate and I started for free. That’s right, they have a free membership which you can try and you can even stay being a free member if you want to. I joined the premium membership after two days as I could see the potential and wanted to unlock everything so I would be able to learn, and earn, more! The training on its own is worth the $49 a month, let alone everything else that is thrown in. The website hosting (25 free websites and 25 domain sites), the live training sessions, the classrooms, the community plus much more

Don’t take my word for it! Seriously, don’t take my word at all. After all there is nothing like trying something for yourself, I mean, I could tell you that I have the best hoover in the world but until you try that hoover you will never know.

Try it for free, see for yourself and if you like what you see then great! Stay a free member or go premium. If you don’t like it then you haven’t lost anything.

If you do join, I will be there every step of the way, helping you to build a successful online business.

Full Disclosure, No Lies!

I believe in honesty so I won’t lie to you when I say that I could earn commission if you join Wealthy Affiliate through me. I also won’t lie when I say that this is absolutely the best place to build an online business that works, 1.4 million people can’t be wrong!

I’m not lying when I say it will be hard work and that you won’t make money overnight or even in the first 1-2 months. I’m not even lying when I say that you will probably have to do the training 2/3/4 or even more times to get the hang of it. I have done the whole training course twice myself and will be doing it a third time before I set up my next website.

I am telling you the truth when I say that I will help you and that there is a whole community of like-minded people that want to help you as well. It’s like having a second family!

Remember, don’t take my word for it! Be Your Own Boss Today and check out my Wealthy Affiliate Review.

Try Wealthy Affiliate For Free Today


I look forward to meeting you at Wealthy Affiliate in the near future,

All the best


Founder of Free From The Boss

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  1. Hey Tony, I like your article. Your article really spoke to me, it reminded of why I got into affiliate marketing in the first place. I was trying to rush through it then I reminded myself that rushing only leads to failure, so I learned patience and perseverance which eventually led to my website being what it is now, a strategic gaming marvel. Thanks for also pointing WA as the ultimate ‘hotspot’ for starting a business. Your article was a great read

    1. Thank you, you can’t rush these things if you want them to really work for you. I hope your website is doing well!

      All the best


  2. Yup, loads of different definitions of “hard work” and many jobs requires it. I have first-hand experience with WA and affiliate marketing in general. It’s hard work on a few different levels, but if someone sticks it out and “shows up” everyday to put in the work, then the results can be impressive! 

    1. That’s the thing, you do have to put the hard work in to start but if you do it right and follo the training then you can start to live a life with more freedom. 

      Thanks for commenting


  3. Hard work is something that one must possess especially if we really want to earn. Some would even have 2 jobs to make ends meet. Others would cleverly keep a 9-5 job and an online job. It’s what I do nowadays. This work strategy gave me better result.

    When I joined Affiliate marketing, I didn’t know anything. While keeping my job, I had to do training and webinars under Wealthy Affiliate. This all in one web hosting platform gave me an idea that with hard work, I can have a successful website which could really bring money on the table. There is no.easy way to reach success but hard work can. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Yes, hard work is important but with the right attitude and a lot of patience you can make your website do the work for you!! This will give you more time in the long run.

      All the best


  4. Thank you. I think taking the right actions and having the right guidance are important to success. Sometimes things are difficult. Like when you have to figure out some glitch on your website and you’re searching and you tried everything 3 times already. But keep trying because suddenly it will click and the error will go away. 

    Or when you’re writing that article and you are at that point where you are kinda stuck. It takes some effort to write that next component. 

    Or when you’re doing a workout and it’s squats. And it’s hard but you do it because you want to do it. 

    I think success is made of up of a lot components. Actions are a big component to success. But its important to remember that there’s more to success than hard work. And also there’s more to life than just hard work and success. 

    Your website is titled “free from the boss”. So you want to treat yourself better than your previous employers used to treat you. 

    1. That is it! I definitely want to be my own boss and that’s why I joined Wealthy Affiliate as it gives you all the tools you need! You have to put in the leg work to make it happen but when it does you can sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labour!!



  5. In everything we find doing, hard work is the most essential tool that’ll make us attain success and help us press forward quickly. I’m a member of Wealthy affiliate and I must say that WA is the best at what they offer. WA is a platform that offers quite a bit for newbies and even professional online workers like affiliate marketers, bloggers and so on. A 7days free trial with free training and a very cheap amount requires to go premium. With enough hard work and consistency, you can make as much as you want from WA every within a short period of Time. This is an interesting post and I’ve really enjoyed reading through each line of it. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you. I think that the price for Wealthy Affiliate is an absolute bargain considering everything that is available for us here!

      Thanks for commenting 


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