Do Online Surveys Really Work?

Do you want to earn money at home by doing as little as possible? Of course you do! How about earning cash by answering a few questions online? What’s the answer? Online Surveys of course. But do online surveys really work?

Join Survey Spotter and earn an extra £300. No problem, piece of cake! There are so many Online Survey companies out there promising extra cash, gift cards and much more but how good are they really?

Read on to find out Do Online Surveys Really Work

So, What Are Online Surveys?

You are serious about making some extra cash right? Want to do it from the comfort of your own home? There is a way but how much can you actually earn?

Online Surveys have been around for a while now and are gaining a foothold in the spare money market. It can earn you some cash or even some gift cards. But it won’t make you a millionaire!!

Sign up for an online survey company and earn £300 a month!! Notice the * ? Well, the star tells you further down that “the amount of money you can earn depends on the number of survey panels you register with, and how many surveys you complete.”

This tells me that you would have to sign up for a lot of different survey panels, in order to get enough surveys so that you could potentially earn £300.

Online surveys are delivered by a company like Swagbucks on behalf of another company, say Coca Cola, as an example. They will ask a series of questions based on their product and maybe even get you to watch a short advertisement. Once you have finished the survey you will be awarded swagbucks.

Some surveys only take 5 minutes, others can take 20 minutes or even more. You get rewarded x amount of points or SB to put towards a voucher. For instance, you want to choose a reward so you go to the rewards page on the menu. You want an Amazon gift card for £10. That will cost you 700 swagbucks. Sounds good, until you realise that after doing six 10 minute surveys you only have 300 SB. To get 700 you will need to do another eight surveys. That’s fourteen surveys, taking you 2 hours and 20 minutes to earn a £10 gift card. Less than £5 an hour.

Is it really worth it?

Are They A Scam?

Strictly speaking, no. They do offer you a return for your time. The return varies depending on the surveys you take and the company you take them for.

You can also get products to test although this is very rare. In fact, to earn the magic £300 a month you can sometimes do more hours completing surveys than you would work in a full time job!

They aren’t a scam, but they are a misleading way to earn money. There is very rarely cash for the surveys, it’s usually gift cards. You don’t always get accepted to the surveys if you don’t fit the criteria. You start a survey and after answering several questions, get kicked out.

It doesn’t always pay to do online surveys but if you have time, patience and just want to earn a few gift cards then I say go for it.


Do Online Surveys Really Work? I have signed up to swagbucks and i-say to try and earn money online. After filling out about 40 surveys between them both I have made enough points for a £10 gift voucher!

In my opinion it’s not worth investing all of your time and effort into generating very little. If you are a stay at home parent and want something to do and earn a bit of spare cash/gift cards then by all means give it a go.

Me, I am looking to earn more. Financial freedom is my ultimate goal and if that is your dream then online surveys are not going to help you achieve it!

There are other alternatives, however. Click the link below for my No:1 work from home affiliate marketing platform! And, if you sign up you get my free e-book, 5 Steps to Affiliate Marketing Success! What are you waiting for?

My No:1 Recommendation!!

Thank you for reading and please feel free to leave your comments below.

Until next time, keep moving forward


Founder of Free From The Boss

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  1. Online surveys have always intrigued me.  But, like you, I never seem to get a large return on my investment of time.  I am not sure about you, but it seems like each time I think a survey is going to only take a couple of minutes, they add another set of questions and ultimate I ended making very little money in relation to the amount of time I spend going through each question.

    1. I found this as well. It is extremely frustrating when you have spent several hours and you haven’t even earned a £10 Amazon gift card!!

      I personally won’t do any surveys again.

      Thanks for your time


  2. Great article and spot on! I do too many surveys. I get kicked a lot, and they get really repetitive. They’re certainly not going to pay the bills, but you do earn enough to have some fun with gift cards. I started with InboxDollars and ended up with a $50 gift card to Amazon. I was so excited to surprise my son with a cool skateboard! Which … he cracked on his first ride then gave it away. Oh well.

    1. That’s a typical boy, get a new toy and it’s broken in no time!

      Glad you managed to make some money doing surveys. I found them to be too arduous so gave up!!

      Thank you


  3. Thank you for this great article. Online surveys can make you some money. I made like $22 in online surveys but it took a few hours a day for a week! It was like a couple dollars an hour or less. I didn’t have any other income streams at the time, so I went for it anyway. 

    Thanks for your Wealthy Affiliate Review. I moved from surveys into Wealthy Affiliate. You don’t always make as much money immediately like you do with surveys, but over time with WA you can make a lot more money than you ever could on surveys. Also depending on the person, it could be more enjoyable income generating activity, than just doing surveys. 

    Great article and it helped me reflect on my time doing surveys, and where I’m at now, in terms of income. Thanks!!

    1. It really is for people who have loads of time and are just looking to earn a few extra $ as pocket money!

      I’m glad you found Wealthy Affiliate, it is a fantastic place to learn all about affiliate marketing and much more.

      Thank you


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