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Here at Free From The Boss we want to help you become, well, free from your boss! The way we do this is by checking out loads of different ways that you can make money. This includes jobs where you can choose when and where to work. One company that can help you achieve this is under the spotlight today. Read on for our Social Sale Rep Review.

Who are Social Sale Rep?

Social Sale Rep are a company who are on the look out for people like you. People who are sick of the 9-5 and want more freedom and time. Oh, and more money of course! Maybe you just want the ability to choose when you work. Or, maybe even have a little side job to earn that holiday spending money.

Whatever it is you are looking for there are huge opportunities at Social Sale Rep. If you like talking then this is the perfect little side hustle or even a full time job. It’s completely up to you and there is a lot to choose from.

Live Chat, is it for you?

This is crucial to being employed by Social Sale Rep. You must be willing to and even enjoy chatting with people. As a live chat assistant, you become the voice of the company! Now, I don’t mean you have to actually speak. The vast majority of roles only require typing skills.

In fact, that is the most crucial skill and probably the only one that you need. You’ve probably experienced live chat when asking for support from a company. You go to a live chat where a bot takes some details and then transfers you to a real person. Through the art of text, you have a conversation and your query is answered.

That is all there is to it!

Who is looking for live chat assistants?

There are so many companies out there looking for people to help them with their customer support chats. From Facebook and TikTok to Squarespace and Wix. Live chat assistants really are the future for companies and their customer service.

We always have our phones on us and that is all you need. That’s right, you can work from your phone or your laptop or even a tablet. You can work from home, the coffee shop or the beach! You choose the hours and the location.

Is it an easy job?

I am going to be straight up with you and tell you the truth! It can be difficult at times. You normally get scripts or similar sheets that give you answers to the most asked questions. On a normal day these will get you through the majority of chats.

Some days though, you might get a difficult customer or a question that isn’t on the list. Fear not for there will be help and support for you. There is always a supervisor or someone who can assist you. You might have been on a chat before and after asking a question, you wait for a couple of minutes for the reply.

This is when the assistant is getting advice. Although it can have its moments, most companies give you all the tools you need to help the customer.

Do I have to live in a certain country?

Not at all! Although Social Sale Rep pay in US dollars, you don’t have to live in America to get a job. The reason they pay in dollars is that is what the majority of companies use for their staff. It’s also where Social Sale Rep is based so it makes sense. You can live in pretty much any country as long as you have a phone, laptop and a good internet connection.

In fact, if you live in the UK, companies are crying out for live chat assistants. This is the beauty of remote working! You might live in the UK but could be chatting to someone in Canada or Australia.

How much does it pay?

This can vary from job to job but the lowest I know of is $25 an hour. At the time of writing, that equates to about £21. Over £10 above minimum wage!! That’s pretty impressive.

The demand for live chat assistants has become so great that companies pay really well for this role. They need people to help look after their customers. With many companies opting for live chat, the demand will only grow in the coming years.

Where do I start?

A great question. You can click any of the banners in this article or the image below to get started. There is a short video followed by a questionnaire to get you started. You then have to sign up for your training programme which does cost. The price can vary and they do have offers from time to time so keep your eyes peeled!

Now all you have to do is click one of the links to get started. If you want more money making ideas, regular updates and newsletters then sign up below or through one of the links!


This might not be the passive income that you are searching for but, you will be working for yourself. You decide when to work, which job to take and how many hours you put in. That’s a pretty powerful way of living. Doing it on your own terms!

This is for those that love texting, talking, communicating and being helpful. It’s for those who are always on their phone or laptop. Using the tools you already have in your home, you can make a tidy second income. Maybe, you can even make it your full time job!

Thank you for reading the Social Sale Rep Review and I will see you soon for the next one! If you want to know what my No:1 recommended platform to make money is then grab my FREE e-book by clicking the link below!

Take care and keep living the dream!


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