It looks like this guy knows the answer but do you? Read on for my Wealthy Affiliate Review 2019.

You are here for a reason, the reason is probably so you can have financial freedom without having to work ridiculous hours for someone else. Am I right? So you want this and you’ve searched the web and found affiliate marketing. Excellent! Affiliate marketing is where someone with a website offers goods to their visitors. If the visitors buy through that persons’ website they earn a commission. Sounds simple doesn’t it? Lots of people out there will tell you that earning money online is easy and you can do it in a day or week or even a month. Hell yeah! Sign me up. Only, don’t sign me up because anyone who tells you that you can make money overnight is lying. There is no such thing as Get Rich Quick so do not believe the hype. So I am going to give you my Wealthy Affiliate Review in all its glory and my promise to you is I will be completely honest with you. In fact, I am a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate and have been since June 2019 because I too want to be living a different life, a life where I can choose how I work, when I work and where I work. This post will contain affiliate links and for more information please read my Disclaimer. Let’s get down to business with the Wealthy Affiliate Review 2019. Here’s a quick overview.  

Wealthy Affiliate Overview – The Short Version

  • Name:          Wealthy Affiliate
  • Founders:    Kyle and Carson
  • Website:
  • Prices:         Starter Member (free), Premium Member ($49/mth or $359/year)
  • Training:      4.9/5
  • Support:      4.6/5
  • Trust Pilot:  3.9/5                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
These are just some bullet points to whet your appetite. Get the real lowdown below.

Wealthy Affiliate Overview – The Long(er) Version

You have probably heard of Wealthy Affiliate while researching and more than likely come across a whole load of reviews. Some of them bad, some good and some saying that the sun shines out of Wealthy Affiliate! I’m going to break it down for you, give you the good and bad and the rest is up to you. When you first sign up to Wealthy Affiliate you have the choice of having the free starter membership or going Premium straight away. They both offer you some great options but obviously the premium includes everything. Here’s what you get with each membership.  
As you can see, there are only two level of membership here. There are no other sell ups or upgrades that you need to take with Wealthy Affiliate. It’s not Multi Level Marketing!

What Does All Of That Mean?

Okay, you can see what WA offer but what actually is it? Well, its a lot more than the list above, a whole lot more. First of all there is the training. This isn’t just your typical do this, do that and abracadabra you’re earning money. This is a structured, comprehensive training course with 5 levels. In each level there are different sessions to help you on your way. Each session has a task at the end of it for you to complete. Once you have completed it then you move onto the next session. The thing about this training is it isn’t just teaching you how to sell. It teaches you how to find a niche, build a website, add privacy policies to your page, add menus and how to write great content. You see Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to sell by writing useful content that interests your customer. They also teach you how to use keywords in order to get your site and your posts to rank higher in Google. The higher the ranking = more traffic you get to your site = money! Kyle does all the training in the Online Entrepreneur Certification using videos to really highlight how to do things. There is also a Training HQ with all the videos as well as Classrooms where you have even more training with videos, tutorials, webinars and courses about more specific learning opportunities such as; Authoring and Writing Content and Pay Per Click Marketing. Not only that but you get weekly live training with Jay, one of the top affiliates in WA. Wait, I haven’t finished yet! Once you get confident and start getting to know your way around then you too can submit training in written and video form. Wait…….. You get paid to do it as well!! Yes, that’s right, you get paid to submit your own training within the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

I’m Getting Carried Away!

Sorry, I was getting excited there and got a bit carried away. You can probably understand why with all of those resources to help you with your online business, there is nothing else like it out there anywhere. Seriously. Okay, back to the Wealthy Affiliate Review 2019.

Back To It And Welcome To The Tools

As you can see there are loads of extra tools to help you with your business, when you click on these then a whole load of other useful tools pop up. We’ve covered training so I’ll get on to the websites. With the free starter membership you get access to 2 free website domains using the siterubix platform. You can alternatively buy your own domain but if you have a free membership you might as well have a free domain.
Within the website tab you have even more options such as Site Manager (Logs you into the back office of your website), Site Builder (Does what it says!), Site Content (A superb content writing tool) and much more. Here you will also be able to look at relevant Affiliate Programs for your niche and much more. You also get a free Research Tool called Jaaxy.                

What Is Jaaxy? And Why Is It Important?

This is a fantastic tool that helps you find keywords that you can use to help get you ranked in Google, Bing and Other search engines. In fact, if you already have a website you can get a subscription to Jaaxy. In Wealthy Affiliate it is free. Keywords: A keyword is something that you have in the title of your post, obviously being relevant to the content in said post. For example, you are selling a Camera in your post so your headline would contain Camera as the keyword as this is what people put into the search bar when trying to buy a camera. Make sense? What Jaaxy does is bring up a list of all relevant keywords and lets you know how much traffic each word gets and also how much competition there is for that keyword. This is extremely important because it gives you a head start on the competition and brings you closer to getting ranked on page 1 of Google. Check out my Jaaxy review here

A Community Of Like Minded People

One of the great things about Wealthy Affiliate is the community. There are over 1.4 million members and they are all there to help each other. This isn’t a place where people just think of themselves and don’t care what anyone else is doing. This really is a fantastic bunch of people who are actually interested in you as a person and love hearing about your success. There is a blogging platform for you to tell everyone how you are doing, there’s a place where you can ask questions and other people will try to help you and give you advice. It is a pay it forward community where you help someone out, someone else helps you out and so on. With the Premium Membership you also get access to the founders who are available to give you help, support and advice.

The Good – A List!

  • There is a free option that will help you make money online
  • The Premium Membership is well priced and comes with tons of extra features
  • Thorough training that is unrivaled in the Affiliate Marketing Platforms elsewhere
  • A keyword tool that helps you find the right title for your post to help increase traffic
  • A fantastic website builder that can create a beautiful website in around 30 seconds
  • 24/7 Tech support to help you if your site has any problems
  • Has its own affiliate program with great commission
  • An amazing community full of friendly helpful people just like you
  • It doesn’t pretend to be a get-rich-quick scheme
  • Wealthy Affiliate has been around for 14 years! A sure sign that it isn’t a scam

The Bad – A Shorter List!!

  • To get all the extra features you will have to go Premium
  • You do get free websites but they are websites so they will look like this – which doesn’t look as good as – Siterubix domains can still rank and do get indexed in google but most people and search engines prefer the single domain websites. These do cost money but they are not excessive and they look professional. You can buy them through WA and you will be able to search to see if the domain you want is available

The Final Word And A Special Bonus For You!

Okay, you’ve read the Wealthy Affiliate Review 2019. I’ve given you a lot of information on Wealthy Affiliate so I am just going to round this up. In answer to the question posed in my title Is It A Scam Or The Real Deal? This is the Real Deal!! The founders created Wealthy Affiliate in 2005 and they haven’t changed their pricing in 12 years. Who does that? I have been here for just over 2 months and I have been Premium since 2 days after I joined. That was how confident I was about the training and community at Wealthy Affiliate. I did look at other platforms but found that they just want you to sell their products which range from $97 – $20,000 but the only way you can offer the $20k is if you have upgraded to the $20k yourself. That is Multi Level Marketing and what I am talking about is definitely no MLM. This is a genuine top of the range platform that teaches you everything you need to know about Affiliate Marketing and what’s even better is that you can do it at your own pace and you can start for Free! Once you join I will be in touch with you within the first hour, don’t forget to set up your account though! So, what are you waiting for?

Join Wealthy Affiliate for $0 and become your own boss!

  What About The Bonus? When you start your Free Account, I will be offering you my special bonus if you take action and become a PREMIUM member within the first 7 days. Do this and you will also receive a 59% discount on your first month!                                                                                             When you create your account I will contact you personally to say Hi and give you some more information on WA and how to get your bonus. I hope you enjoyed reading my Wealthy Affiliate Review 2019. I look forward to meeting you soon and if you have any questions please pop them below. All the Best Tony