Have you ever dreamed of being in charge of your own destiny?

Now you can with free from the boss!

Join me on my journey as I set myself free from the boss. It’s not going to happen overnight, there’s no such thing as Getting Rich Quick (unless you win the lottery!!).

However, I do have a plan and a lot of it starts with me finding my passion and using that to earn a passive income. Investment is also key, but, what are the right things to invest in? 

These are all questions that I hope to answer and share with you on my journey. Want to come along for the ride?

I will be giving you tips and tricks for side hustles, part time earners and how to follow your own dream. You just have to ask yourself, “What do I want to achieve in my life?”

Do you want to work for someone else, tied to their rules, their hours and their wage structure? Or, do you want to work when you want, earn as much or as little as you can afford and ultimately be free from the boss?

If the answer is yes then welcome and I am happy to help you on your journey as well. Have a read of my blogs, check out what I do and where I invest my spare change (when I have any!). Not only that but there are a lot of ways you can earn yourself a few extra £££’s with apps on your phone!

It’s all going to be here and on my Social Media. You can message me on those or email me tony@freefromtheboss.com for more info.


Where dreams become reality

This is where you can find out what I’ve been up to and what I have planned. It’s also where you can read all my tips, tricks and reviews of different ways to make money.

I’ll reveal the scams and the websites, social media sites and funnels to steer clear of. After all, time is money and if you put some time into reading these blogs then you’ll save yourself a whole load of cash!

Get involved and learn how to grow your passion from a hobby into a money making machine! Well, after some graft, time and determination of course! Remember, there’s no such thing as getting rich quick. That’s a lie that ‘gurus’ tell you to drag you down their funnels, spending 100’s if not 1000’s of £££’s.

“Wealthy Affiliate has given me the freedom to explore my passion and start to earn money from doing something I love.”


What do you invest your money into? Stocks, property, savings accounts, ISA’s? Whatever it is I can help you on your journey. 

Not only that but I’ve got tips, hints and tricks for you to get the best out of your investment. I’ll also let you know what all the scams are and the places to avoid so you don’t lose out!

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