Welcome to Free From The Boss

Welcome one and all. The intrepid adventurer seeking to sack their boss and start to live life on their own terms. The ones who are fed up with working 9-5 jobs earning money for other people while they struggle to make ends meet. Welcome to Free From The Boss!

Who am I?

My name is Tony, the bearded chap in the above picture. I have been dabbling in affiliate marketing for a few years now. Although, I have only recently decided to take it seriously! Why? Because I am sick of being stuck in the rut of working for someone else.

I have decided to take control of my life and work towards retiring from my 9-5. The goal is to be making enough money from affiliate/digital marketing so that I can live my later years on my terms. I want to travel the world, eat at the finest restaurants and own a brand new car.

That’s the goal! More importantly though, I want to have the freedom to choose my hours, work when and where I want. Spend my 50s, 60s and hopefully my 70s just living instead of grafting for someone else. Check out my about me page for more info on who I am and what I do.

Why Free From The Boss?

Free From The Boss Logo

I chose the name of my company to be Free From The Boss because I wanted that to be my reality. Being free from a boss means that I get to control my life. I no longer have to worry about dragging my arse into a job I hate to make shit money. Getting free from the boss is my goal and I want to help you achieve this too.

The aim of this website and my social media channels is to give you the right information and tools. Tools to help you live the life you dream of. Affiliate marketing id just one of those tools but there are more. There are remote jobs where you can choose your own hours.

Imagine not being tied down to a specific place and structured shift patterns. Think about how that would make you feel. Having more time to spend with family and friends. Being able to have a weekend away, hell, why not make it a week?!! This can’t be achieved when you are slaving for someone else’s company. It can be achieved when you are free from your boss!

What is the aim of this blog?

The aim of this blog, website, socials and even the podcast is to help you. By writing and talking about my experiences, failures and successes it will give you a deeper understanding of how to work for yourself. I can give you valuable information which can help you avoid the mistakes that I have made.

In fact, if you subscribe to my email list you can grab my e-Book. Five Steps To Affiliate Marketing Success gives you a great starting point. It will help you to understand what affiliate marketing is and the different platforms I use. This blog will expand on that to give you more detailed information.



I will also be reviewing various different Affiliate Marketing Platforms that can help you on your journey to success. Reviews of companies that offer remote working positions so you can work for yourself. There will also be reviews of different tools that you can use to enhance your prospects.

Do you want to be free from your boss?

That is the question!

If you are reading this then you must be interested in working for yourself. Maybe just working from home, a side hustle or you might be looking to make a passive income. Whatever your reason, I am glad you have found me.

If you truly want to quit your job and become financially free then you have come to the right place. I can’t do it for you but, I can give you all the advice, information and ideas to get you started.

Take my hand and let us start this journey together. Intrepid, courageous and ready to make a change. Ready to tackle the world and start to live the life we dream of. We are ready to be free from the boss!

I hope you enjoyed this blog. There will be plenty more to come as well as reviews, e-Books and the podcast channel very soon!

Leave me a comment if you are interested in becoming free from the boss. If you want to find out my N0:1 Recommended affiliate marketing platform then grab my FREE e-book by clicking the link below!

Until next time, keep the dream alive


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Why I started Affiliate Marketing.

Thanks for coming this far with me and wanting to learn more about how I am turning my passion into money online! If you are interested then you have come to the right place and I’m going to share my experiences with you right here!

Be warned, this is not a get rich quick scheme! This is a platform where you can learn how to build a succesful online business. It isn’t a BS scam that just wants your money and then gives you nothing back. This is the reason why I started Affiliate Marketing. This, my friends, is the real deal!!

How I started.

It was 2019 and I was at the end of my tether with my job. I had been working in retail for 19 years at this point with 15 years in management. If you work in retail then you know the pain! Low pay, high expectations, rude customers and crappy hours. To top it off you have to work on Boxing Day because of the sales!!

I know, there’s lots of careers/jobs that have to work over the Christmas period. Nurses, Doctors, Police etc.. but they are essential services. Buying a cheap t-shirt or half price sofa is not an emergency!!

Anyway, I had an operation to fix a hernia and I was off work for a week. During that week I couldn’t do much around the house so I started looking for jobs that I could do from home. I then got sidetracked as my Appendix nearly burst so had to have that removed!

When I got home from that I had a bit longer off work so I ramped up my research. I came across loads of Make Money Online programs but, the majority of those wanted to hook you in with a free book or trial and then really go to town. To be a part of the program you had to pay $xxx amount. To be able to progress and make yourself more money then you had to upgrade for $xxxx amount and it kept going up and up!

And then I found the answer

After searching for days and seriously considering giving up, I found something that looked very interesting. I had seen it before but had only briefly scanned through the article. This time I really looked into it and it was so different from anything else I had seen before. It was Wealthy Affiliate.

This wasn’t your usual Get Rich Quick scam, oh no! This was a platform that provided real training for people so they could go out and build their own online business. The training delves into loads of aspects of Affiliate Marketing. It shows you how to build a website, how to get traffic to said website, how to leverage social media and much, much more.

What really appealed to me was the free trial. You could have a look around, do some of the training, speak to some of the experts and get a really good feel for what it was all about. After 2 days I bought the Premium membership and I haven’t looked back since!

So, what is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is a learning platform that gives you the tools to create your own online business. It won’t do it for you and there’s no magic ‘click a button’ to make quick money! That is not what Wealthy Affiliate is all about.

The whole purpose of this platform is to educate you on how to build a website, learn what affiliate marketing is and get you started on your journey. There is the Online Entrepenuer Certification, 50 lessons that walk you through the process of creating and growing an online business.

WA teaches you about niches, keywords, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and literally everything you need to get going. Then there is the Affiliate Bootcamp. This really expands your knowledge in the niche of affiliate Marketing and gives you a further 70 lessons. You can check out my Wealthy Affiliate Review here to find out more about the programme and the amazing community within.

Where am I now?

Well, I’m still working (remember, it’s not a get rich quick scheme!) mainly because I have been focusing too much on my passion niche. That is The Bearded Brit and I have been working on this for 2 years. It is now bringing me in a small amount of money each month thanks to using various different affiliate programs.

I did start off by earning money being an affiliate for beard companies. Although I did alright with that but it was only a stop gap. I am earning more through various affiliate links throughout my website and by using Google Adsense. Not only that but I have also started several other websites in different niches.

The idea is to get multiple streams of income coming in so I can quit my retail job and work online full time! The goal is to retire (from my current job) by the time I am 50. That’s just over 3 years. I’m on schedule for that but still need to work hard to get to where I want to be.

It is definitely harder when you have a full time job, kids, dogs etc. but, if you continue to work hard, follow the training and keep your focus on your business then you can succeed much quicker. Remember, it is not a get rich quick scheme. It’s a learning platform that gives you the tools to succeed without scamming you out of thousands of pounds!

Are you interested?

If you think this is the right thing for you then fantastic. You have made an excellent choice and I can’t wait to see you on the inside of Wealthy Affiliate. To get there you can click the banner below and open your world to brand new possibilities!

If you do join I will be there to guide and support you every step of the way. Not only that but if you become a premium member you will get so much more.

I hope to see you soon,

your friend


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What Is Your Passion?


What is Your Passion? And How Can You Earn From It? We all love money right? I mean, without it you would struggle to eat, to clothe yourself, to provide for your family. Now, don’t get me wrong, there are far more important things than money but it does help to pay the bills. Even if you have to drag yourself out of bed every day to go to a job that you hate and have no work/life balance! A balance that you need in order to spend time with your family, friends and doing the things you love.

So, What is your passion? And how can you earn from it? I will tell you how to earn but first let’s talk about what I mean when I say passion.

Your Passion – The Things You Love Doing!

What are you passionate about? What makes you want to jump out of bed and get started? A passion can be anything, from reading to cycling. From classic cars to the latest technology.

For example, I am really passionate about football (soccer to my American friends!) and even more passionate about my team Arsenal. I love watching their games and even when they are playing badly I am still passionate about them. I love to watch as many football games as possible, I read football blogs and the first page I turn to in the newspaper is, you guessed it, the football pages!

A passion is an intense desire or enthusiasm for something, according to the dictionary. It has other meanings but this one sums it up nicely. It is also something that you enjoy doing and that is the important part when trying to earn money. Love what you do.

The Horrible Boss

According to a Gallup poll, 85% of people hate their jobs! 85%, that’s insane. Why is this? Some of the main reasons that people hate their job are

  • They are underpaid for what they do.
  • No real opportunity for promotion/advancement.
  • Company expectations are too high
  • The Boss is horrible

You know the type of Boss I mean, one that shouts at you to do a job and then shouts at you when you’ve done it because it isn’t good enough. We’ve all had that type of Boss when they expect you to give them every last drop of blood and then you get no thanks for it! Who wants to work for that on low pay?!

What’s this got to do with passion? Well, if you are working in a job that you hate or for a Boss that you despise then you will slowly start to lose all your passion and the things you loved to do fall by the wayside. I know, it happened to me. But I slowly dragged myself out of it because I started to do something I love. Yes, I still work in my job that I hate, but I am doing something about it. I am following one of my passions and using it to help me earn money.

The dream? To quit my job and focus on my passion. Now that would truly be something. Waking up each morning knowing that you will be working on something you love. Ask yourself what your passion is, what do you love doing in your spare time and could you make money from it.


Your Passion, Your Niche, Your Business

So, you have a passion, now you need to turn it into your niche. “What’s a niche?” I hear you say. Let’s go back to the dictionary!

A niche is described as several things but the one that relates the most is: ‘a comfortable or suitable position in life or employment’ i.e. “he is now a head chef at a top restaurant and feels he has found his niche” If you take another example relating to a passion “he is now working from home blogging about cooking and has found his niche”

Your niche could be absolutely anything but should really be something that you love. Pottery, cycling, fitness, whatever you are passionate about. Why should you love it? Because when you enjoy something, when you’re passionate about something, then it is much easier to write about it and make what you are saying believable.

Imagine waking up for work everyday knowing that you are going to enjoy what you are doing! Who wouldn’t want that for a job? In fact, it becomes more than just a job, a job is something that you have to do to pay the bills. A niche, a passion is so much more than a job, it’s a labour of love!

Making Money From Something You Love

A cup of coffee, your laptop and something you love. What better way to start the day! And yes it is a possibility, a real life-changing experience that you can achieve. How? Hard work!!

I know, the reason you want to leave your job is you want an easier life not to have to work hard still. Well, you can, but as with any business it takes time and hard work to get to where you really want to be. And as with any business you get out what you put in! So, if you want to earn a lot of money you have to work for it.

You have your niche, the thing you love, so what’s next? Monetize it!


Become an affiliate marketer for brands or products that are related to your niche. It’s as simple as that. Your niche is Photography. You want to give advice and help to new photographers as well as let them know about the latest cameras and products.

What do you do? You search for affiliate programmes. Type into Google: photography + affiliate and up will pop a list of affiliate programmes that you can join for free. Once you’ve joined them you can advertise them through your content and earn commission. Yep, that’s right! You write content to engage the visitors to your website, you advertise a product, your visitor clicks the link and then buys the product. You get money. All from doing something you love!

Live Your Dream, Be Your Own Boss And Do What You Love!

What Now? Where Do You Go From Here?

That is entirely up to you. It is your choice to make and your life to live. You can carry on doing a job that doesn’t make you happy or you can start to take control. Follow your dream, turn your passion into something you love and earn money from it. Be your own Boss.

I can help you get started on this new adventure and give you all the tools and support you need. I’m not going to lie, you won’t make money overnight, you won’t make money in the first week, month or even two months. But, if you focus, work hard and follow the training that will be provided for you then you will start to earn money.

It will grow and you can turn it into a business that you feel proud of, that you love doing and that gives you the freedom to live your life on your own terms.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in then go ahead. Take the leap and change your life today. Grab my FREE e-book by clicking the image below.


Thanks for reading What Is Your Passion? And How Can You Earn From It. while you’re here why not check out Why I started Affiliate Marketing.

All the best




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